Penne Garmushallini

Hungry for something that wasn’t leftover from Thanksgiving, Max and I decided to throw together a pasta dish last night that is a standby in our house because we always have the ingredients more-or-less on hand. That’s right, garmushallini! Ahem, that is, garlic, mushrooms, shallots and zucchini. And of course, we tie it together with … Continue reading

Battle (Trumpet) Royale

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’m very curious about family traditions and any interesting side dishes people had, so let me know what you all did this year. Last year, Max and I were in Prague during Thanksgiving. We had moved there a couple months before and I was bewildered with the idea … Continue reading

Gnocchi? No problem!

As I have stated numerous times, I am obsessed with pasta. I am also aware that pasta is kind of a huge pain in the butt to make at home if you don’t have any special equipment (and really, even if you do). While I’ve already mentioned that I use Raffeto’s for most of my … Continue reading

an illuminating lamb post

I mentioned in an earlier post finding a French rack of lamb for about $11.70 at Trader Joe’s, and after stashing it in the meat drawer for a couple of days, it was lamb time. As Max and I are on a pretty tight budget, we don’t get lamb too often. The last time we … Continue reading

pork chop barrel spending at TJ

Thursday, armed with a gift card, Max and I trekked to 14th street and 3rd avenue to check out Trader Joe’s. We definitely arrived before 3pm, but the store was as busy as any SoHo boutique on the weekend! Now, I don’t like crowds much, but I’ve been eager to have a shopping experience at … Continue reading

roast the night away, and saute the fungus among us

Last night, we had a little dilemma on our hands. There were some leftovers, but not really enough for both of us to have dinner, so we decided to make a few smaller dishes. First, we chopped up a couple of zucchini to roast. After roasting vegetables for years in a glass baking dish, I’m … Continue reading

what to do with priest chokers

If you have a bunch of priest chokers on your hands, the best way to deal with them is a boiling water bath for probably at least eight minutes. I’m talking about strozzapreti of course! I hope no one found this website looking for a religious debate! No one really knows why this kind of … Continue reading

pomi wonderful

A few weeks ago, Max and I were watching the movie “Wall Street” at home, which I’d never seen. The original from 1987, not the new one that came out more recently. There’s a point in it when the Charlie Sheen character, Bud Fox, walks into his extremely fancy new kitchen and opens the door … Continue reading

the shell of st james

To open this blog up, let me first tell you a story of my first seafood epic fail. It was several years ago, and intrigued by the look of skate in the supermarket (yet not knowing what it was) I bought some and took it home to cook for my boyfriend, Max, and another friend, … Continue reading