pomi wonderful

A few weeks ago, Max and I were watching the movie “Wall Street” at home, which I’d never seen. The original from 1987, not the new one that came out more recently. There’s a point in it when the Charlie Sheen character, Bud Fox, walks into his extremely fancy new kitchen and opens the door to the fridge, and you can clearly see a little carton of a certain product peeking out. What was that product? A little box of tomato delight known as Pomi.While the convenience of a jar of pasta sauce is pretty hard to beat, Pomi offers a great alternative to those expensive and often mediocre pre-made sauces.

Also, you can get a kick out of using a product spotted in the illustriously upper-crust nouveau riche home of Bud Fox.

Pomi has an extremely impressive ingredient list: tomatoes. That’s it. NO added salt, NO added preservatives, NO colorants or “natural flavors.”

This means it’s not a great “sauce” all by itself, but that it can easily become a pasta lover’s best friend.

It lasts months in the box and several days (refrigerated) once opened, and I use it in almost all my tomato sauces. Max introduced me to it a few months ago and I’m completely hooked!

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge pasta-eater. I could literally eat a bowl of pasta every day. But even for me, having the same old Rao’s sauce gets a bit tiresome––so the ability to customize a sauce with minimal effort every time I want pasta is clutch.

Now if you want to keep it simple, throwing some garlic and onions in a pan and then adding Pomi is easy as pie. But you could just as easily make it a little fancier with sausage, mushrooms, bay leaves, whatever! One of the great aspects of  Pomi is that there is no added salt, which means that cooking with pancetta (or guanciale or just bacon) won’t rack up your sodium count.

If you have tried Pomi or go out and try Pomi, let me know how it goes! I think it’s a great pantry item to keep on hand, especially when you don’t feel like blanching, peeling, seeding and chopping a barrel of tomatoes on a weeknight. And don’t worry, there is probably no connection to using Pomi and being indicted for insider trading!


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