Don’t worry, have a pinch of curry

One of my best friends (we’ll call her “The Gray Lady” as she is a particularly ardent New York Times devotee) was mourning the end of Mark Bittman’s column, “The Minimalist” with me when we decided to pay him homage and make one of his recipes together. Thankfully Bittman already did us the favor of … Continue reading

go ahead. maki my day.

When I was growing up, we ordered Chinese food from a place around the corner (now closed, sadly) every week. Chinese food will always be a kind of comfort food for me because of that. But once I got a little older, my parents decided it was time to introduce me to the joys of … Continue reading

Sushi is how I roll

I love sushi so much that Max has suggested I become a sushi chef several times. The idea of being a sushi chef inspires a whirlwind montage in my head of learning Japanese, living in Tokyo, apprenticing under a great chef, and fiercely bartering for freshly caught fish at marketplaces at dawn…which would be great … Continue reading