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I have a really difficult time figuring out what I want to eat for breakfast. I haven’t been into cereal since I was much younger, and I hate the cleanup that oatmeal and cream of wheat take, and I haven’t been in the mood for either of those, lately, anyway. I like having an egg (over easy, always) and toast, but sometimes I get bored of that combination, too. In fact, Max can attest to the fact that frequently, my breakfast is actually leftover dinner foods! Does anyone else prefer dinner for breakfast?

Of course, most people seem to prefer breakfast for dinner, eating waffles or pancakes or omelets any time of day. But I’ve always been the exact opposite, staunchly advocating for a breakfast of reheated pasta, or mashed potatoes and steak, or a slice of pizza, or even a leg of chicken and some rice. I remember making one childhood friend queasy on a sleepover when I offered her cucumber rolls, which I had selected for breakfast.

I was just thinking about that occasion quite recently, when I got the idea to make a breakfast maki roll. It seemed like such a brilliant idea that even though it took a bit of work and was certainly not a quick meal or simple clean up, I eagerly embarked on the task. Of course, I understand that most people will have no desire whatsoever to eat “sushi” for breakfast, but maybe you will want to eat my breakfast maki for dinner?


Breakfast Maki (for one)


2 sheets of nori

1 cup cooked sushi rice (instructions in this post)

4 white button mushrooms (or any kind), sliced

1/3 an onion, roughly chopped

1 egg

a small handful of a leafy green vegetable, such as broccoli rabe or spinach

2 tablespoons olive oil

soy sauce (for dipping)


1) Cook sushi rice as per instructions in the link above. While that’s cooking, saute onion and mushroom until cooked through. If using spinach, add to the hot pan and let it wilt, but not cook down too much. If using broccoli rabe, you’ll have to boil it for a few minutes before sauteing. Remove all from pan.

2) Whisk an egg until it is smooth as you can make it, then pour it into the pan that you sauteed the onion/mushrooms in over medium-low heat. If necessary, add a drop of oil before pouring in the egg.

3) Once the egg has set completely on one side and is only a little bit runny, flip it.

4) Remove omelet from pan and slice it into thin strips.

5) Gently spread the cooked sushi rice as thinly as possible over a sheet of nori. Add a vertical line of vegetables from your mixture and a strip or two of omelet.

6) Turn the nori so that it is positioned with the line of maki-filling facing you horizontally. Begin rolling, stopping and adding pressure once you have passed the point with the filling. Roll as tightly as you can.

7) Repeat this process with the other sheet of nori and the leftover vegetables.

8) At approximately inch intervals, slice the roll with a very sharp knife. It might help if the knife is a little damp, so it doesn’t stick to the rice as you cut.

9) Serve with soy sauce!

This might seem like a strange thing to eat, but in most of the world savory breakfasts are the norm and you syrup-covered-pancake lovers are the weird ones. I remember how in Prague, some Czechs I knew were absolutely horrified at the thought of “egg bread” (French toast) served as something sweet!

And eggs go quite naturally with maki. Tamago is a Japanese-style omelet that is often put over rice or in rolls, but having never made one before, I decided to stick with a method I was more familiar with.

While not very difficult, this is definitely a time-consuming breakfast. It took over an hour to put together completely, which is rather long for breakfast if you wake up hungry. But I definitely recommend trying it! Perhaps it could be improved with some more breakfast food, like bacon? I’ll have to try it out some morning when I’ve a little time to spare!

Do you eat anything strange for breakfast?


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