jumbo shrimp, easy risotto, and other oxymorons

Sorry that I skipped all of June! I feel like I’ve been terribly busy, but when I look back on the last month, I somehow can’t figure out what exactly I’ve been so busy with! But now that I am back, let’s talk about shrimp. I have never been a particular fan of crustaceans, especially … Continue reading

Sushi is how I roll

I love sushi so much that Max has suggested I become a sushi chef several times. The idea of being a sushi chef inspires a whirlwind montage in my head of learning Japanese, living in Tokyo, apprenticing under a great chef, and fiercely bartering for freshly caught fish at marketplaces at dawn…which would be great … Continue reading

To Fry For

Several months ago, I had brunch with two friends at Jane where we decided to split an order of “crispy calamari and zucchini” (we made the mistake of also ordering individual dishes, leaving a ton of leftovers). The calamari was the star of brunch for me (and had a surprise ingredient!) and ever since I … Continue reading

My Heart Beets Blood Oranges

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day! I know celebrating the “Hallmark” holiday is somewhat controversial but I’ve always taken it as an opportunity to show your loved ones to a little extra kindness. In fact, our main “valentiney” activity came a little early for me and Max this year: we treated each other … Continue reading

Guys dig girls with Mussels

mussel beach, this-a-way

Or at least, that’s what Max told me. Cooking mussels is another one of those nearly foolproof methods of pleasing snobs with simple, and fairly cheap ingredients. In fact, Max spent more on the perfect Belgian beer pairings than I did on the whole dinner! It was kind of a whim to make them, actually, … Continue reading

the shell of st james

To open this blog up, let me first tell you a story of my first seafood epic fail. It was several years ago, and intrigued by the look of skate in the supermarket (yet not knowing what it was) I bought some and took it home to cook for my boyfriend, Max, and another friend, … Continue reading