jumbo shrimp, easy risotto, and other oxymorons

Sorry that I skipped all of June! I feel like I’ve been terribly busy, but when I look back on the last month, I somehow can’t figure out what exactly I’ve been so busy with! But now that I am back, let’s talk about shrimp. I have never been a particular fan of crustaceans, especially … Continue reading

put all your egg rolls in my basket

Around St. Patrick’s Day I saw a brilliant blog post for how to turn a Reuben sandwich into an egg roll that got me thinking. Basically, I love egg rolls, but I had never tried to make them before (I have made dumplings before, but they are never quite as good as the gyoza or … Continue reading

the shell of st james

To open this blog up, let me first tell you a story of my first seafood epic fail. It was several years ago, and intrigued by the look of skate in the supermarket (yet not knowing what it was) I bought some and took it home to cook for my boyfriend, Max, and another friend, … Continue reading